What is teeth decay?

May 20, 20230

Human teeth when exposed to acidic drinks high in starch, sugar, and acids tend to develop decay. For Example, like refined carbohydrates, which are mainly content of white bread, cereals act like sugar, and aid in forming cavities.

Despite modern advances in the dental field, the mystery still surrounds why tooth decay is so rampant. To beginteeth decay with, tooth decay starts as a bacterial infection it can be transferred from one person to another person, but it’s also preventable. Bacteria that combine with acidic food, Starchy food saliva form a layer on the teeth called plaque over time. This plaque over time becomes tartar, which is calcified. This tartar consists of millions of bacteria.

One of the studies shows that the number of bacteria that are present in the tartar is the very similar number that’s present in the poop, these bacteria when it starts invading into the enamel, which is the strongest substance in the body breaks down the tooth structure. enamel covers the crown portion of the tooth beneath that there is dentin and within that, Dentin is the Pulp we’re you have blood vessels and nerves.  so, the bacteria penetrate from the enamel through the Denton and reaches the pulp once it gets into the pulp a tooth requires a root canal treatment, post, core, build up, and porcelain crown.

The goal of dentists at Crest Family Dental and Purple Dental is to reduce this number of bacteria to reduce the disease-causing bacteria which will help prevent tooth decay. The number of times you brush and floss also plays a key role in preventing decay. when you have teeth that are not aligned Crowns that have open margins implants that are failing creates a breeding ground for bacteria and toxins. We will practice identifying these risk factors and help eliminate them so that we reduce the number of bacteria. there have numerous studies which tell if we can control the population of bacteria there is a significant reduction in Tooth decay. Call us at 860-251-6999

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