Bone Grafting

At PurpleDental Hospital, we understand that maintaining healthy bone structure is crucial for a healthy smile. Our skilled dental team offers bone grafting procedures to restore lost bone tissue and promote proper healing after certain dental procedures.

Unlocking the Secrets of Strong Bones with Bone Grafting

Get remarkable dental treatment at Purple Dental Clinic in Glastonbury CT, and get a flawless smile.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is like a wizard’s wand, waving away fractures, bone defects, and even challenges like osteoporosis. Whether it’s using your bone or borrowing a bit from a benevolent donor, this procedure sparks the magic of bone regeneration.

Types of Bone Grafting

Different types of bone grafting methods help in offering different benefits, including:


During this method, doctors start harvesting bone tissue from the hip or ribs, this is the ultimate personalized power-up in increasing the chance of successful fusion.


During this method, doctors borrow bone tissue from a comrade (cadaveric donor) to mend without a second surgical site.


Utilizing bone tissue from creatures like cows or pigs to kickstart the regeneration of bone tissue.

Alloplastic grafts

During alloplastic graft doctors use materials like ceramics or polymers to create a solid support system for bones.

Benefits of Bone Grafting

Bone grafting speeds up the natural healing process, making downtime a mere hiccup.
Like architects for your bones! Restoring or enhancing the structural properties within, especially for fractures and deformities.
Bone grafts create a stable foundation, ensuring your dental implants stand strong. Facilitation of stable foundations for dental implants through augmentation of jawbone density.
With carefully selected graft materials, rejection, and infection risks take a back seat.
A touch of glamor! Bone grafting isn’t just about healing; it can also be your superhero makeover for facial aesthetics.

Our Bone Grafting Process Involves:

We offer the highest quality dental bone grafting treatment through the following procedure:

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