Wisdom Tooth Extraction

At PurpleDental Hospital, we understand that wisdom tooth extraction can be a daunting experience. Our experienced dental team is here to make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Mastering the Bite: Navigating Wisdom Tooth Extraction Like a Pro

Welcome to a pain-free, insightful journey into the world of wisdom teeth at Purple Dental Clinic in Glastonbury, CT.

What is Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction is an exceptional procedure, swooping in to evict these troublemakers. It is a remarkable surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth which may trouble you. It’s like upgrading your dental security system to ensure a grin that radiates confidence.

Types of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Different types of extraction processes help in addressing different issues.

Non Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction

It is a more standard extraction procedure that will take place when wisdom teeth erupt above the gum. It is straightforward and visibly simple.

Soft Tissue Impact Extraction

This removal is like pulling back the curtain on a wisdom tooth that’s grown above the jawbone but still covered by the gum tissue

Partial Bony Impaction Extraction

This is a dental excavation – the wisdom tooth is a bit stuck in the jaw, causing a semi-dramatic situation.

Complete or Full Bony Impaction Extraction

This extraction is more complex as the tooth is completely stuck in the jaw and refuses to make an appearance.

Surgical Extraction

Applied when the tooth is partially or fully impacted within the gum. May require incisions and, in some cases, bone removal.

Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Removal prevents overcrowding of teeth, reducing the risk of misalignment.
No more hide-and-seek games; we ensure your wisdom teeth don’t get stuck in the wrong places.
Our extraction magic works wonders, banishing discomfort to the dental abyss.
It helps in preventing infections from turning your mouth into a battleground.
Bid farewell to those hard-to-reach corners; maintaining oral hygiene is a breeze.
It shields other teeth from potential damage – and keeps the dental harmony intact.

Our Wisdom Tooth Extraction Process Involves:

Why Choose Purple Dental Clinic Glastonbury, CT?

Looking for Painless Wisdom Extraction? Call Purple Dental Clinic Today!

Whether your wisdom teeth are strutting down the red carpet or hiding backstage, Purple Dental Clinic in Glastonbury, CT is armed with the expertise to orchestrate a dental masterpiece. It’s not just about teeth; we’re also safeguarding your sinuses from unexpected drama. Trust us; removing those wisdom teeth is like giving your orthodontic treatment a power-up.

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